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Thread: planning a new competition

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    Inspired by the numerous complaints about boredom and by the Monsta tourney I would like to announce a new competition. It will be an open competition and not a tourney, so I hope that the two won't interfere.

    There will be a single and a team (4v4) competition. The aim of both competitions is to achieve the highest possible kill/loss ratio out of two battles on the map called Cheetah's Challenge.


    I like Monsta's idea, so it would be nice if the good people at Org could add some small icon to the names of those who will win this competition.

    Additionally, the winners each will get some item related to Aikido (as yet I don't know what, perhaps a book, jo/bokken, a white belt I will announce it soon). Aikido is a modern, Japanese martial art, with roots that can be traced back to several hundreds of years, founded by Morihei Ueshiba called O-Sensei (Great Master). Visit these websites if you want to find out more about Aikido:


    1) Only know/real players can enter. No one shall enter twice with different names. This serves to prevent beating up dummy teams/individuals to claim victory. In deciding who is know/real I would like to rely partly on my limited experience and on the experience of the Org community. Alternatively, 50 comp. games might be a requirement to enter. (Comments please!) Nominations should be posted at the Org under this thread.

    2) Any team/individual can challenge any other team/individual. A challenge cannot be refused!

    3) Challenges should be posted at the Org under the appropriate thread.

    4) Each team/individual shall once attack and once defend on the same map against the same opponent.

    5) Same teams/individuals can challenge each other (hence play 2 battles) only once. Aside from this, teams/individuals can make as many as challenge as they wish. (obviously, max. number of challenges = max. number of players-1)

    6) Battles are organised by the players themselves, and can be played any time.

    7) Send me only the battlelog files. (e-mail: Only complete battles count, so don't send logfiles of dropped battles. The logfiles should be sent always by the defender! So, any result will be counted as valid only if I get two logfiles, each from the actual defender. (Example: dread team fights elite team, I expect one logfile from the dreads when they were defending, and the other logfile from the elites when they were defending. If I get only one logfile => no valid result; if I get both of the logfiles from one team => no valid result either.)

    8) Don't sent me or post at the Org complaints about any team/individual. If you cannot arrange 2 complete battles with someone search for a new opponent.
    Of course, this means that there would be no punishment of teams/individuals who evade to give battle or who ESC when loosing, aside the loss of their standing in the eyes of the community. Remember challenges will be posted openly!

    9) Period: Sengoku Jidai; map: Cheetah's challenge; season: spring; restricted camera; fatigue on; limited ammo; koku limit: 32000 for teams, 8000 for individuals.

    10) The winner will be the team/individual who achieves the highest cumulative kill/loss ratio based on the two battles played with the same opponent. One win is a requirement. That is, one cannot win if he/she lost both battles but can win if he/she won at least one of the battles and has the highest kill/loss ratio.

    11) The competition is open, teams/individuals can enter any time.

    12) Deadline to send in battlelog files: 31/03/2002.

    I understand that this kind of competition demands co-operation and honourable play from the teams/individuals so I would like to give a Fair Play award as well at the end of the competition. The Fair Play award would be an item related to Aikido It is not necessary that the worst team/individual should get the award!

    I would like to open six threads related to this competition. One for the up-to-date list of accepted teams; the second for the same list of individuals; the third for the up-to-date results -hence the winner according to the actual results- amongst the teams; the fourth for the same for individuals. Please don't post in these threads. That is, I would like to keep these threads only for the lists/results. (Site admins please advise me on this!) Finally, the fifth and the sixth would be for the open challenges made by teams/individuals. However, only those teams/individuals should use these threads whose nomination have been already accepted.

    Comments are welcomed!

    The competition will start as soon as I get two valid nominations for teams/individuals.

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    "If you wish to weaken the enemy's sword, move first, fly in and cut!" - Ueshiba Morihei O-Sensei

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    i woul like to enter


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