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Thread: Confused ( I know it is easy)

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    One thing I dont understand is the lack of interest in the Goldenaxe Ladder.

    For all the bickering etc about honour levels, on this ladder you can officially challenge any other player on the ladder.
    So if you only challenge people along way below you then you will not gain so many points. You get more points for attacking also.

    Ok, I suppose it isn't linked to here or .com but I am really suprised the "Top-Players" as you say have not subscribed to this ladder system.
    You get someone clearly at the top for someone to shoot down. Having not fully seen the ladder in full flow (due to the lack of interest) it is difficult to say just how good it is but it seems like a great idea.

    Not wishing to distract from the Monsta Tourney at all because this is a totally different formula, but this is a fully maintained ladder with lots of effort put in.

    Maybe it's worth checking out.

    Tell me if I'm wrong. What have I missed?


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    I made a point of saying in an earlier post that there are things happening all over the place and also things that are going to happen......I hear guys moaning how the game is boring now....these are the same people who dont bother to take part in the campaigns/ladders/tourneys....

    One thing that may help is that after this tourney..the players may be bit by the bug...and then transfer their interests into the other games being hosted....2v2 tourney has about 48 players ready to fight (if they all turn out)...maybe they will realise that nothing gets the heart pumping and the mouse clicking like a tourney/camp/ladder.

    One reason maybe the fact that unless its their m8s or clan who are running the show they dont wanna know......which is stupid really.

    The general support from the ORG and .COM is weak also....another reason why I have made so many posts etc....

    Maybe it is time we make a web site dedicated to all our efforts and group together our players with a choice of comps/tourneys/camps/ladders....

    If your interested BORO I will put a page up for the GoldenAxe ladder..results etc (whatever you want)..also I am planning on putting something together on a page to help promote the new WARLORD CAMPAIGN that Magy and the others(even a bit from me!) are working out now....any others?

    p.s....the fear of losing is greater than the will to take part and enjoy what we work to create..
    why havent our efforts been put on the front page as news?...its not what you know its who you know i suppose....or who's arse you kiss!

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    Looks like We will have our own private chat here Monsta.

    I will do anything I can to help the community because it is a good one.

    I think ALL have been a little guilty in being a bit Precious over who they play at some point during their online gaming. I can admit I have, but surely one should move on from there and therefore be able to create a better environment so more people enjoy the game that we enjoy.

    I wish the Monsta Tourney all the luck it deserves and bow humbly to the RageMonsta for his efforts. A link to the GoldenAxe ladder would be nice as it could help things over there.

    I understand the org has to be selective about news/tourneys or Tera would be updating the site every hour or two. I dont know how many people run the org site but it isnt many. There are a lot of people therefore who are "take take take" but yet do not wish to give a thing back. Never realising that it might benefit themselves.

    Good Luck Monsta, only sorry I cannot play on sundays.


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    Boro...Sunday will be the starting date....and hoping to get most games done on the one day....makes it easier to get ready for the next round.....but some of the players with special cases can continue until the wednesday if their partner and enemy will agree....think this over M8.....Monsta aims to please...(himself mainly!)

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