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Thread: Rath+Satake+Katana

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    Toda Nebuchadnezzar
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    Guys you have 15000 koku to spend on each of your personal armies. But please read the rules as to unit allowances.

    This 15000 is your tresury. You can only spend it on troops, but if you spend it all you will not be able to buy new troops if units are completely killed in battles.

    Although you do get a yearly(turnly) income from your provinces. It is for you to decide. But please post your respective armies (1 for each of you) in the right thread in the Clans forum here:

    Have fun choosing!

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    hey,toda hows it there anymore clans signed up,i know about clan date(thank god).
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    Cool...i'll chat to satake and kat about it.


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