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Thread: New Chapter of Tenki

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    *bows* Good day all.
    Today is a rather sad day for Tenki, Our Damiyo- Tetsu has decided to leave us.
    Oni and I are now left In-charge. We will share the damiyo position between us and once again restore honour to Tenki.

    Iam asking though for peoples co-operation. I would like to be friends with most of you guys that i see in the MI foyer, and I would like to set up alliances and have NO enemies of Tenki. (I would like to set everything straight again, like it was a year ago)

    Some of you may mock me, (for this post does sound alittle weird), But for those who don't I thank you and I would like to see our clans have a mutual respect for each other.

    Iam also going to start recruiting, so for all who are interested please email me at:

    Tenki will again rise to what it was...
    I thank you *bows* take care.


    Take Care all,

    Damiyo of Tenki Katagiri

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    Oh behalf of this forum and clan kenchikuka...good luck

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    Good luck...

    Proud member of Clan Kenchikuka.
    evil is within us...

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    Gah! on behalf of clan Toda good luck Gah!

    hhhmmm Tenki starting a new chapter eh? You could make a book out of all the chapters they have

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