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    Ive had to close down the old site as it was time to rebuild a new one.The old link still works and there is a link on it to redirect you to the new site.Ive added some some things for the new players out there like a guide on how to play shogun total war.Thought it was about time we started to look after these new players as they will disapear if we dont help them out.I will also make a download page for them also.
    I also need some clan daimyo's to visit and send me there links so I can add them to the site for members to see and visit.The site is listed on org's shogun sites....Icey Site.... hope to see you there soon.


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    Hey m8
    Im gonna check it right now and ur right.
    if we only laugh at the newer people they dont like his game i bet.
    but as long as we help them out of trouble and try to learn this game the game will grow fast.

    ik voetbal graag


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