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    Hi guys

    Well this is just a quick line or to bring you up to speed on two issues firstly we have another addition to the tour page site:

    and the other issue being the latest patch. It has just been confirmed that the new patch will incorporate changes to insure compatibility between both versions of Shogun (i.e. original and add-on pack). This is so that from day one every one can still play online despite the fact they may be playing against players with different versions of the game. The patch also contains amendments to address issues regarding cheating online, such as the koku cheat and the host dropping games to register a draw rather than defeat. However these amendments will mean that the patch is released closer to the release of the add-on pack!

    Hope that helps guys

    The Shogun
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    Aloha, Shogun! Don't touch my mustache! (Doitashimashte)
    While nobody will be happy with the wait, we will definitely be glad that the compatibility issues are being dealt with ahead of time! Likewise, the Draw rather than Defeat on drops. That's been a concern for a while. Now, if only we can get the Official Word on TW2.....

    -- B)

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    Uhh... Well.

    First, thanks for the new info! We've been waiting for that, and will keep waiting for more... As always...

    But, pardon me for saying this, do you have the correct picture up on that tour page? As far as I recall, the Community Site page speaks of "exclusive pictures" - yet, the pic "newtour3" is actually a shot from the original game's Outro.MPG (end movie). Just wondering...

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