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Thread: I Need HELP A.S.A.P. !!!!!

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    Default I Need HELP A.S.A.P. !!!!!

    Ok, so I couldn't find an FAQ / Troubleshooting / Problems subforum thing, so I just posted it in here. I've never posted here before, so don't yell at me.

    Whenever I tried to enter campaign, it loaded fully (After you pick race) then flickers and dies, and i'm back at desktop.

    I finally got it working, but I exited out to do campaign tutorial which.. Didn't work untill about 2-5 time I tried it.

    Then, once I finished that, I've been trying to enter Campaign again for about 10-13 times. And nothing.

    Can someone please tell me what some possible solutions are? I have tried:

    Updating Video Card Driver
    Patching Medieval: Total War
    Closing out certain programs

    So yeah. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: I Need HELP A.S.A.P. !!!!!

    If you have a Nvidia card then updating the drivers can actually make it crash more. People have reported that rolling back your video drivers makes the game more stable. I have an ATI card with up to dat drivers have havent experienced this, so it must only be Nvidia.
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    Default Re: I Need HELP A.S.A.P. !!!!!

    It was doing this before I updated though, and afterwards, and I did try that. Is there another solution?

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    Default Re: I Need HELP A.S.A.P. !!!!!

    so you know I beleve the help forum is called
    "apocrathy" =)

    if you have a nvida card and a via chip set board you will probably need the via in 1 drivers.
    did the game use to work?
    has it been properly added to the windows regestry? (try reinstalling)
    do you get any error messages?
    Have you installed the latest direct x,
    Play the game at a lower resolution or at least a difrent seting
    you may need to scan disk or defrag.
    check your video card settings, maby one of them is causing the problm
    do you get this problem with other games?

    more details would be helpfull.
    but chew through that for a while
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    Default Re: I Need HELP A.S.A.P. !!!!!

    there is a known conflict between Direct X 9 c (I think it is) and Nvidia - I believe people have the most luck with vers 54 something of the Nvidia drivers.

    I had a very similar problem - if you search on crash to desktop - you will find LOTS of posts about it.

    Best bet to try is earlier versions of your Nvidia drivers (if that is what card you have)


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    Default Re: I Need HELP A.S.A.P. !!!!!

    I had this same problem too, battles would work fine(custom ones) but never showed the Campaign map.

    My problem was resolved when i download drivers from here

    They have nvidia, ati drives plus a few more, i forget.
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    Default Re: I Need HELP A.S.A.P. !!!!!

    Thanks alot for your help everyone, i'm trying the last site and searchin up a few of the posts you mentioned. And from now on I will post in the help forum, sorry about that.

    Also, I have a "Nvidia GeForce MX/MX 400" Which I know is REALLY crappy, but I downloaded the latest driver off the website.. So how do I "Revert" drivers again? Or install different ones?

    Also, what is the problem with DirectX 9 and Nvidia?

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    Default Re: I Need HELP A.S.A.P. !!!!!

    Ok, well, I've tried reinstalling, uninstalling and installing again, updating Windows Media Player, Reinstalling DirectX 9.

    The only thing left I guess is finding out how to revert driver? Can anyone help me, link me, or something? I have the latest Nvidia GeForce driver, I think. If someone can link me to an old one, or a better one to use, or a keyword I can google or something?


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    Default Re: I Need HELP A.S.A.P. !!!!!

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    Default Re: I Need HELP A.S.A.P. !!!!!

    Wow, thanks alot Damage. I just did that and so far so good. I played online once with a friend and thats it. But I think it worked!


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