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Thread: Synopsis of the Org Forums (updated 1-21-09)

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    Default Synopsis of the Org Forums (updated 1-21-09)

    The Org Forums

    New Members

    Entrance Hall: A totally flame-free forum, where new members can introduce themselves, and ask any questions they have about the games, the Org, or the forums.

    RTW Guides & MTW Guides & M2TW Guides: Specialised forums containing in-depth guides for all levels of play, beginner and upwards. These forums also have a topic dedicated to every playable faction in their respective game so players can discuss strategies for that particular faction. Because of this focused nature these forums have a slightly more restrictive posting allowance than the regular forums; only moderators can open up new topics here. Anyone can post in existing topics.

    Empire: Total War.
    • Singleplayer: The yet unnamed forum to discuss all things ETW, including new features, screenshots, videos and even guesses as to what factions start where and who made it into the final game.
    • Multiplayer: The unnamed Multiplayer forum for the future total war title ETW. Have you got a clan or a team who is just starting up in prep for ETW? Well then this is the place to say hey and get organized!
    • ETW Modification: Speculation on future modding of ETW as well as early plans for mods can be found here.

    Medieval: Total War 2
    • Citadel: Dedicated to discussing the SinglePlayer portion of Medieval 2, the Citadel is home to a wealth of information regarding the title. Any question you can imagine could probably have its answer found here.

    Multiplayer Forums
    • Tournament Field: Gen eral information and orginiztional threads concerning Medieval 2 can be found here, it's the main stop of you want to know whats up with M2 MP.
    • The Academy: Like it's name might suggest, this is a forum dedicated to guides and information threads to help you get better at playing MP.

    • ModChat: A place to say hi and get aquainted with the rest of the modding community, as well as read news concerning mods you may have heard about or are working on.
    • Mods in Development: Check out a number of threads where in people show off what they are working on, as well as provide regular news updates in concerning unit, faction and overhaul mods.
    • Learn to Mod: Got an Idea for a mod but don't know where to start? Well start here! This forum contains a wealth of knowledge about the intricacies of modding M2, it's a good place to familiarize yourself with before you dive into hands on.

    Rome: Total War

    Singleplayer Forums:
    • Colosseum: The main forum for discussion of things relating to Rome: Total War!

    • Ludus Magna: A forum for in-depth research and discussion of RTW game mechanics. Many Members also consider this an "expert guides" forum. As with the Guides forums, only moderators can open up new topics. To start a new topic, please read this thread.

    Multiplayer Forums:
    • Campus Martius: Discussions of all things related to RTW multiplayer.

    • Code Of Honor: The Code of Honour forum is a meeting place for a group of Rome Total War players dedicated to improving the multiplayer experience by stressing two fundamental things: fun and fairplay. This forum is open to all so please feel free to come and see what we are all about.

    • ChivalryTW mod: Chivalry TW is an RTW mod with multiplayer as it's priority, meaning carefully balanced units, factions and gameplay. This forum gives the Chivalry MP community a place to organise games and discuss tactics.

    RTW modification:
    There are 4 forums that deal with modifying Rome: Total War. Each subforum has a specific purpose so please post in the right one.

    For people who do not know what modifications, or in short mods, are; CA made it possible for people (modders) to replace/edit a whole lot of game files. There are mods that just tweak the game but there are also total conversions that give the game an entire new feel, look and gameplay. Mods are not hacks or illegal, CA even encourages the modding community by providing some tools. If you want to play safe then only use mods that are out of the beta phase.
    • Modding Questions: If you don't know where to post a thread about modding then post it here. It is meant for the following:
      1. Asking questions. If you ask politely and with a post title that covers the questions then you have a much larger chance to get an answer.
      2. Research. Threads researching how to mod the game or announcing a new discovery should be posted here.

    • Mod Discussion: This subforum is for users to chat about mods they've played and enjoyed, mod promotional material & team recruitment.

    • Forge: This subforum is solely for developing mods. Each mod gets a single thread. These threads are primarily meant for development so do not spam or chat in there since it will only hinder the modders.

    • Scriptorium: You should only post a new thread here if you want to write a guide or tutorial, or to post a modding tool. You should only reply to a thread when it relates directly to something written in an existing thread. If you have a question only related to the subject then post it in the General forum. This forum is meant for providing answers before a question was asked and not to answer questions. Requests for guides, tutorials or tools also belong in the General forum. The forum has two subforums for guides relating to Buildings & Units & Campaigns & Maps.

    Medieval: Total War

    Main Hall: The forum you want to visit for questions, information, and discussion about Medieval Total War and its expansion: Viking Invasion.

    Multiplayer Forums:
    MTW modification:
    • Repository: Faqs and guides about modding MTW.

    • Alchemist lab: Questions about the latest patch, map making or modding: go here!

    • The Engineers Guild: A forum for Mod Development, topics on the latest mods being developed for MTW can be found here.

    Shogun: Total War

    Sword Dojo: Discussion about the current playable version of STW (also includes Warlord Edition and the Mongol Invasion expansion pack), including strategy, tactics, and tips.

    STW MP: Dedicated to the Shogun: Total War Multiplayer scene.

    STW Modification: This forum contains discussions about STW and WE/MI modification and tools.


    Viking: Battle for Asgard: Information, discussion and reviews about CA's second and latest console game!

    Spartan: Total Warrior: Information and discussion about CA's first console game.

    Totalwar Series

    • Mead Hall: A subforum set aside for patrons to post art, images and stories that they themselves have made. Materiel posted does not have to be TW inspired but must keep to the guidelines of the site.

    • Throne Room: Campaign and Battle Accounts written by Org members, and for play-by-email (PBM) campaigns.

    • Apothecary: Having problems getting the game, or even getting your computer, to run? Go here for all your technical support questions.

    • Tech library: A repository of useful and informative Apothecary topics.

    Hosted mods:
    Some mods are so popular or have grown so large that they deserve more than a single thread. An own subforum allows the modding team to better organize the development. This does not mean that the mods in the Forge are lesser in any sense.
    • HTW: Hellenic Total War is a mod for MTW: Viking Invasion V2.01, and takes you from the forming of the Greek city states in 750 BC, through the Greek struggle against the Persian empire, until the rise of the Macedonia under Alexander the Great around 325 BC. For further info visit our website.

    • Europa Barbarorum: Europa Barbarorum is a community modification for Rome: Total War based on the desire to provide RTW players with a more fun, challenging, realistic, and historically accurate gaming experience. Contrary to popular opinion, Europa Barbarorum is not solely focused on barbarian factions (though the name was derived from a desire to portray barbarians more accurately). EB takes great pains to portray all factions correctly, including Rome.

    • Citadel: Total War: Citadel: Total War is a mod for RTW that is set between 1402 and 1600. This mod uses a very similar map to the map used in MTW. We are currently polishing the faction and unit lists, while working on models and textures. We are very open to outside input and welcome everyone that posts in our subforum.

    • Blue Lotus: Blue Lotus is an Oriental fantasy mod for Rome Total War. Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Korean and Mongol factions face up to huge Demon armies from the west.

    • Pike & Musket: Pike & Musket is a mod set in the period 1480-1700 in Europe. The MTW version of the mod is ready to release, while the RTW version is in its early development. Both the team and community supporting the mod are strong and have many valuable members. Both versions of the mod will be still developed and there could be some Expansion Campaigns, or sub-mods (like the fast developing OiM mod).

    • The Wheel of Time - Total War: The Wheel of Time - Total War is a conversion based on the fantasy series of books by Robert Jordan. Currently there are two eras under development based on the main continent: The Early Era is based on the years leading up to the appearance of Rand al'Thor, the Late Era or Rand Era is based during the time period of the books.

    • Two Crowns: Aims to create a modification for Rome Total War that will transform the game into a simulation of the Hundred Years War.

    • Two Age of Vikings and Fanatics: Total War: Age of Vikings and Fanatics depicts warfare in Europe between 843 AD to 1099 AD, from the first Viking appearances of significance to the year when the first crusade captured Jerusalem. The map covers all of Europe, so not only Vikings but also among others the Byzantines, Khazars, Magyars and Abbassids are covered, and playable, in the mod.

    • Samurai: Samurai is a port of Shogun into the Medieval engine, the latest instalment in the Shogun Mod for MTW-VI, introducing new clans, buildings and units. We hope to make Single Player campaigns more challenging and provide far more variety than the original edition. The goal for online MP is an expanded unit mix limited to specific eras, thus the MP player can choose to go with the Shogun Unit mix, the Mongol Invasion unit mix or the Expanded Campaign unit mix simply by setting an Era.

    • Imperia Romana: Imperia Romana is a realism modification for RTW: Barbarian Invasion. We will do our best to set the highest historical accuracy standards while maintaining interesting gameplay. With our dedicated development team, Imperia Romana will become the ultimate experience in Roman war.

    • RES GESTAE: a modification for Rome Total War starting at the beginning of the Second Punic War and taking Rome to the height of her Imperial glory! It aims to improve graphics, historical authenticity and gameplay equally as well as being well-balanced.

    • Ran no Jidai: Japanese feudal Japan running on the latest Total War engine.

    • The Crusades: The Crusades is a modification for RTW:BI that pits the crusading armies of Europe against the Saracen armies of Saladin in an epic struggle for Jerusalem and the Holy Land. The mod features over 100 unique and highly detailed units, a massive campaign map and historical figures such as Saladin and Richard the Lionheart.


    Watchtower: A forum where we can talk about the Org forums. It's your chance to influence the Org's policies.
    • Backroom: Special forum for discussion of topics relating to the Backroom of the Tavern only.

    Monastery: This forum is the place to discuss history - from the dawn of civilization to recent (but not current) events. Note that topics on the politics of recent events belong in the Backroom of the Tavern, not in the Monastery.
    The Arena: A forum for the discussion of any and all games except the Total War series. PC, consoles, vintage gaming, mods for non-TW games, games reviews and previews all belong here, but not requests for technical help or upgrade advice. Topics of that nature belong in the Apothecary.
    Hard- and software: A forum to discuss issues relating to hard- and software.
    Tavern: An area where members of the community can exchange ideas that are not related to the Total War series and are not covered by other areas (such as games).
    • Frontroom: For light-hearted topics only, controversial issues are discouraged.
    • Science: A recent addiction to the Tavern, this is a dedicated place for science topics of all sorts.
    • Gameroom: For any type of 'forum game', the Gameroom is host to many different activities, including the .Org "mafia" sensation, which has grown insanely popular in recent times.
    • Backroom: Due to the possibly controversial content of the Backroom, posting is restricted to members that have proven an interest in the Total War games and civil discussion around them.
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    Default Re: Synopsis of the Guild Forums (updated 1-21-09)

    Hey Entrance Hall!

    I've taken over maintenance of this thread, looks like it could really use it. therother has moved on to other things and just doesnt have the time to keep it up to date, so I thought I'd step in and lend a hand.

    I've updated the synopsis as best I could, will go over it again later to add in anything I missed. If you see any typos, spelling errors or just normal errors then please report them to me via PM.

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