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Thread: Problem with editor

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    Default Problem with editor

    I dunno why while working on placing a settlement I get this results , holes all around and no way to merge the borders , did anyone experienced this and knows how to fix it?

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    Default Re: Problem with editor

    Read my sig.

    also eadingas had a similar problem, check in the custom tiles thread... I think it has something to do with raising up cities and the Road connections. If you flatten out the area where the road should be maybe it will work...

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    Those sky-gaps typically appear when your adjusting the height of the terrain beneath a model. In the below example I placed the road and then tried to raise the terrain underneath.

    The way to avoid it is to do all your adjust your heights before you place your model, or remove the model and then replace it. So, to get from the above to the below I simply removed the road and replaced it.

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