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    Default Posting Pics

    How do I post a bitmap pic on here?
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    You might want to use MS Paint or the like and save the .bmp as a .jpg first--.bmp files tend to be very big (file size-wise) and hence would take a lot longer to load on someone's browser.

    Do you have an image hosting service? If not, offers a free service. What I do is upload my pix to Photobucket. Then, I copy the URL of the pic at Photobucket and paste it between [ I M G ] and [/ I M G] tags (remove the spaces) in a post here. Then the pic should show up in your post. You can use preview to doublecheck before you submit your post to the board.

    Hope this helps.
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    Photobucket, yes. Also there's that I use on occassion.
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    Default Re: Posting Pics

    See IMG tags for full info on how to post pictures in threads (and signatures). Click this link for full details on the various vB codes. These links are also at the bottom of each forum page, in the Posting Rules box.
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