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Thread: I need beta testers

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    Default I need beta testers

    I need some people to try out my mod before i upload it to the public. Please pm me or send me an e-mail at if you would like to try it out and give me some constructive criticism.

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    Default Re: I need beta testers

    It would be helpful to potential testers if you posted a short description of your mod, so that people who enjoy the period/genre that it is set in will be more likely to notice it.
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    Default Re: I need beta testers

    yep, what does this mod do? and how big is it?

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    Default Re: I need beta testers

    Hey Craterus:
    check this out.

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    Default Re: I need beta testers

    Oh its a very small mod, its a kill speed mod, however it lowers the kill rate with out changing the animation and the unit stats.


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