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Thread: Having problems with new Spartan skin

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    Default Having problems with new Spartan skin

    Hey all I recently tried to download the new spartan skin (came out a while ago but I'd left it alone). The directions for the download/extraction were as followed...

    1 - Download

    2 - Go to C(or the drive letter you have allocated):\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\Data\Models_Unit. Create a folder entitled "Textures".

    3 - Open Extract unit_greek_spartan_greek.tga and to your freshly created Textures folder.

    4 - Extract the four files with the extension .CAS to C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\Data\Models_Unit.

    5 - Run the game! The original Spartan Hoplite will be overwritten by the new model!

    Okay now the download provides a "Textures" folder with the files from step 3 already inside, so that wasn't hard to extract. I then went to the Data\Models_unit folder and click+dragged the .CAS files in. The proper notice that goes something like are you sure you want to replace this file with new one etc. came up and I clicked yes for each one.

    Having done all the required steps I proceeded to step 5 - Run the game! Unfortunately when I went to Single Player custom battle to try out the new skin the game crashed about halfway through the process of loading the battlefield. I tried restarting the computer and extracting the files again, but the game still crashes whenever it tries to load a battlefield with a unit of spartans on it. It doesn't crash beforehand because it doesn't change the units tag/icon (says so on the site), so I'm at a loss as to what to do.

    If anyone knows what the problem is or has some advice I'd appreciate the help. I'm running version 1.2 atm thought I'd throw that out there. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Having problems with new Spartan skin

    I'd make sure it didn't make a textures folder within the textures folder that you already made(like it did for me). Other than that just try a reinstall i suppose


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