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Thread: Regarding Viking Invasion 1.2 patch

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    Default Regarding Viking Invasion 1.2 patch

    Hi again folks,

    Sorry for the hassles but this sucks.

    I'm trying to get up to snuff with HTW.

    I need to know where to get the Viking Invasion 1.2 patch from.
    Do you know??????????

    Help! I've loaded, unloaded, downloaded HTW a gaziliion times and am sick and tired of try to get the HTW patch to work.
    Lord Zimoa of Flanders gave me the proper directions all I need is this proper
    VI 1.2 patch please.

    Thank you, bye bye.

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    Default Re: Regarding Viking Invasion 1.2 patch

    You need the VI patch v2.01.

    Here it is:


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