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    Default Custom battle tip

    Want a little bit of control on how to deploy the enemy A.I.

    Well the first slot will be the general and always gets deployed in the center.

    Heres an example of how to deploy the A.I.

    I used Gauls in this custom battle
    First slot general
    2nd slot 1 unit of cavalry
    3rd and 4th slot 2 chosen swordsmen
    5th-16th slot warbands
    17-18th slot chosen swordsmen
    19-20thslot cavalry

    So when I got on the screen heres how the A.I. deployed

    Enemies right flank 1 cavalry and 2 chosen swordsmen the warbands holding the center and on the enemies left 2 swordsmen and 2 cavalry and of cours the general was in the back.

    So basically whatever you put in slot2 will more than likely be on thier right flank and slot 20 will be on thier left flank. Now this can change if you use a lot of mixed units or specialty units like siegecraft.

    This shouls help al those who like to playtest certain things allowing players to get the A.I. to line up how you want them to.
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    Default Re: Custom battle tip

    i almost always change my lines before a battle but thanks for the tip..


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