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    I am having loads of fun revisiting STW after a few years away. I bought the game for 5 pounds so I could get back online and play but I can't registrer myself with EA. The link on the registration page is under reconstruction for at least 2 months...has anyone got any info??

    I did have a username and password from before but I cant remember it. Please help as I would love to get back inot Shogun Total War!!

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    Welcome (back?) to the Org ghostlord

    The EA server is not hosting STW online, so check out the sticky threads

    STW MP

    There is also some activity on the MTW VI server with folks playing a Shogun mod

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    Ive also made a server using fakeserv2 if you cant get on the other servers

    just edist the 1st adress in your Internet.cfg file "In game folder" to

    so should read,

    ChatserverPort =8793

    But there arent many ppl on my server So try the others 1st,

    Server is always up and has a back up server in a difrent country, cos i dont see why you should do things by halfs.
    (one server is in the uk, othere server is in Florida)
    so if you cant get on others your welcome to use mine,

    P.s it may take a few attepmts to log on and you dont need your cd key

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    Default Re: Glad to play

    If you want to meet someone for games you might consider posting in here, letting people know when you're available. A few weeks ago someone did and we arranged to meet on Tosa's fakeserver. Had some fun battles.
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