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Thread: Regarding the Version 1.2 patch for Viking Invasion

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    Default Regarding the Version 1.2 patch for Viking Invasion

    My final post folks, believe me I do NOT like doing this to you all.

    Lord Zimoa, thank you sir, again.

    Lord Zimoa had kindly given me a hyperlink to get the Version 1.2 of Viking Invasion per him. The link is this:

    When I went there, downloaded it and patched it to my version, my system said that I didn't need this patch, it's actually a Version 2.01 patch for VI!!

    So folks, where this imaginary patch is I don't know. I'm fried.

    If any of you know the REAl location of this patch, please let me know.
    I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this mod.

    By the way Lord Zimoa gave my all the proper install instructions to the tee and when it came time to download the so called Version 1.2 patch, it just didn't work at all. Maybe I don't need the 1.2 patch, maybe I'm o.k. and patched fine. I don't know? I know I don't have Patch V 1.2 for Vik. Inv.

    Help, thank you all soooooooooo much. Goodbye

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    Default Re: Regarding the Version 1.2 patch for Viking Invasion

    You definitely need the VI Patch v2.01.
    If you have the original MTW:VI game with the v2.01 patch or another mod with v2.01 the patch will look at those games and you get that message.
    Best thing is to make a "virgin or original" MTW:VI v2.01 Patch make a new folder in here:

    C:\Program Files\Total War

    Name it Hellenic Total War copy/paste all original (C:\Program Files\Total War\Medieval - Total War) folders into that and install all HTW files to:

    C:\Program Files\Total War\Hellenic Total War

    In this way you can have as many mods as you want and if something goes wrong you don't have to reinstall again and again.



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