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    Hello friends,

    This is Pariya, the leader of the Silent-Assassins. I come to you quite simply: to ask that you sign a petition with me: requesting the reinstatement of the “5 max per unit default rule” back into the CWC competition.
    Clans who do not like that rule will still be able to negotiate other rules with there opponents. This being a “default” rule simply insures that no clan can go through the competition using the more serius SPAM armies.

    Here is the official draft of the petition. If you wish to put your name forward to sign it then please do so.


    Hello leaders and administrators of the Clan Wars Competitions. We come before you to put forth a humble request for the reinstatement of the 5 max per unit rule. We feel this will ensure the strategical base this CWC so dearly needs. This is a simple, peaceful, non harming, and humble request which we put to you in a straightforward manner.

    *gathering the list of signees as we speak*

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    Wouldn't this be better in the Jousting Fields?
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    for wich game is this

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    me no member of a clan (well I'm part of DasReich but we have 2 members and I dont play online much) but I'll sign it

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    Pariya you might want to post this in the Rome Forum - Campus Martius - it would prolly be much more effective there.

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    :-)...... no need..... im no longer collecting signatures but rather only the signatures of clans as a whoel and only of the 16 clans still in the cwc as of this point in time

    infact if an admin wishes they may delete or lock this thread if they wish

    there call

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