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Thread: Hi I'm new to this mod

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    Default Hi I'm new to this mod

    Hi folks,

    I'm new to this mod which from what I've read ROCKS.

    Just to let you all know 2 days ago I went to Electronics Boutique and found out that a RTW expansion is supposedly due for Oct. of 2005!!!!!!!!!
    What's THAT about?????????/

    Anyway however, I want and need to know some things:

    1. What does this mod do?

    2. Where do I get it?

    3. How do I install it properly and fully?

    4. Is there a guide to this game on this website?

    Thank you everyone, Greek Warrior

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    Default Re: Hi I'm new to this mod

    I'm afraid the mod isn't finished yet, although an open beta is on the way. In the mean-time, feel free to follow our progress in the weekly news-threads. The full scope of what EB is trying to do is impossible to describe in as much time as i have, but is fully recorded, as far as is possible, in the "Announcing: Europa Barbarorum" thread.

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    Default Re: Hi I'm new to this mod

    I suggest that you browse this forum. You will find all of the answers you need by reading currently existing posts. I suggest the "Lost art of keeping a secret" thread, the "Announcing: Eurpoa Barborarum" thread, as well as all updates and status announcements. Khelvan is one of the major coordinators for this, so pay particular attention to his postings. There are other coordinators and contributors as well, and you will come to recognize most or all of them in short time.

    This mod is quite extensive, being rebuilt from the ground up. Khelvan has a particular word for this, although I can't remember what it is.

    Basically they are remaking the entire game rather than making changes to the existing game.

    Again, I suggest you browse this forum for further info.

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