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Thread: How do you end the plague

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    Default How do you end the plague

    I am playing the Seleucid and losing a lot of soldiers due to the plague. I have gone through a number of turns, tried splitting troops all to no avail.

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    Default Re: How do you end the plague

    I suggest waiting it out (20 or more turns sometimes) and letting no one in or out of the city, agents included.

    There is a particularly nasty trick of sending an agent to a plague infested city, then taking the same agent and bringing him to another city.
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    Default Re: How do you end the plague

    Quarantine the city and if need be remove troops to lower the number of carriers, seems to help. Also build sanitary facilities, they seem to help.
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    Default Re: How do you end the plague

    I ususally just wait it out and quarantine the affected city and characters...
    I have one guy (a diplomat) who has had the plague for years.. I've sent him from halicarnassus, to Tingi, on foot! He just won't die. I'm busy spreading the plague to the Scipii (North Africa- carthage etc.) lol..

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    Default Re: How do you end the plague

    Just wait few turns. And quarantine the city.


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