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Thread: Fortnightly Update (fourth age: TW)

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    Default Fortnightly Update (fourth age: TW)

    By popular demand there will be a new Feature around here- regular updates from the Fourth Age Team. Depending on how quick stuff gets done, they will be approximately every two weeks.

    Your first update features the marvellous faction of

    Art by Tb0ne

    The Dunnish people are spread wide across Dunland. They have a wide variety of units, from barbarian berserkers to disciplined spearmen. Historically, they have enjoyed the sparse lands to the north of the fertile Rohan territory, something which has provoked them to make near constant war with the Rohirrim for many years, culminating in the War of the Ring, when Dunnish forces participated in the assault upon The Hornburg. In the early Fourth Age, with Rohan to the south, and the Orcs to the north, they have a chance for conquest.

    Some of the Dunnish units include;

    Here they are in action against the Forgoil, as the Dunlendings call the Riders of Rohan

    Dunland is one of FA:TW's most varied factions, with the units ranging from wild barbarians to noble Northmen. Their starting position should allow for plenty of fun battles from the slopes of the Misty Mountains to the plains of Rohan.

    And here is the very first screenshot of the map- showing the approximate location of the Dunland provinces. As you can see, they will be around the southern Misty Mountains, near the gap of Rohan and the Fords of Isen. Their lands grew fertile in the days of the King, and now they are well established and have a highly defendable region, guarded by the Misty Mountains and the Sea to the west.

    Well thats Dunland in a nutshell, stick around for another update soon.

    Thanks, Astaldo

    Please be aware that none of these units, or the artwork, or the map are final. There will very likely be changes made before the final release
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    Default Re: Fortnightly Update (fourth age: TW)

    nice, looking good

    Baruk Khazad, Khazad ai menu!


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