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Thread: How can I exchange armies?

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    Default How can I exchange armies?

    I just bought my own personal versionof Rome:total war--I think my best friend was getting sick of me borrowing his for weeks on end. And I just realized, the same way I made all the nations unlockable and playable (the old descr_strat thing) I could also find some way to exchange armies. As in, take my Carthage troops and give them some Berserkers. I'd really love to know how to do that. It would be a lot like creating hte ultimate army of the ancient world...a rather fun concept to think of.

    So I was wondering if anyone knew how this could be done, or if there was a mod that already existed that could do it for me?


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    Oh yes, please don't give me the cheat code...because as I remember, that only allows you to use it once per game.

    p.s.: is it possible to do the same for MTW, without hte cheat code (the code seems to stop working sometimes).

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    Transferring a unit type from one faction to another takes a little light modding, to find out how follow this tutorial.

    In terms of mods, this mod allows every faction to recruit every kind of unit in custom battles and in the campaign based on which province you own. This one is the same for custom battles, but only allows foreign units to be acquired by bribery during campaign.
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