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Thread: Orestes' 1 city mod for RTR 5.4

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    Cool Orestes' 1 city mod for RTR 5.4

    This mod makes some changes to RTR, most notably that each faction starts off with 1 city under its control. Most of the rest that i remembered are listed in the readme, though i may have missed one or two. It works with RTR 5.4, havent tried with 5.4.1 though, and it works with the CvP patch as well. Ill go ahead and list the changes I made here so yall dont have to DL it to see what they are :

    Starts each faction with 1 city as follows:

    Romans - Roma
    Numidia - Tingi
    Carthage - Carthago
    Ptolemaics - Alexandria
    Seleucids - Antioch
    Pontus - Sinope
    Armenia - Artaxarta
    Parthia - Ectabana
    Macedonia - Pela
    Thrace- Tylis
    Germanians - Vicus Gothi
    Athenians - Athens
    Sarmatians - Campus Sarmatae
    Dacians - Porrolissum
    Britons - Isca
    Iberians - Intercatia
    Gauls - Avaricum

    Senate removed

    Changed the Greek Cities faction to the Athenian faction, and wrote a new desription. Faction symbols etc., werent changed because i suck at doing that kind of thing

    Made Cretan Archers, Rhodian Slingers, Balaeric Slingers, and Caledonian Highlanders recruitable by all factions in Crete, Rhodes, Baliares, and Caledonia respectively

    Made Amazonian Chariots hireable as Mercenaries in Tribus Gepidae, Locus Gothi, Pripet, and Hyperboria

    Changed a few names of some regional rebels

    Added unit cards where necessary to avoid the peasant default card popping up

    Changed starting denari to around 3000 for each faction

    Each faction starts off with 2 family members immediately available and 3 military units, most also start off with a bireme. Most factions start off with a slightly negative income at Normal Tax rate, so taking a new city fast is a priority.

    Changed some faction AIs to be more aggressive.

    Changed what buildings are in Rebel cities. Removed barracks type structures from many of them, removed walls in Sparta, changed wall types in a few other cities.

    Adjusted populations in some cities, most especially by raising them in Vicus Gothi and Avaricum

    Put a disproportionetly high number of Rebels on the British Isles in an attempt to slow down the Britons expansion slightly, seeing as how AI factions almost never invade there.
    Naturally it doesnt work, but im not gonna let that stop me ;).

    Made Egyptian Machimoi stats more inline with Hoplite Militia and Levy Phalanx. Moved Machimoi to first tier barracks. Moved Macedonian mercs to 2nd and Hoplite mercs to 3rd.

    There might be a few other changes, but i dont remember what.

    The mod can be downloaded [URL=]---> here

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    woops, messed up on the linkage, trying again


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    For users with 5.4.1, downloading the following link and installing it in the data/world/maps/campaign/rome_total_realism folder should be enough to make the mod compatible.

    Right click and save as download

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    Default Re: Orestes' 1 city mod for RTR 5.4

    could this be A Perfect Circle reffrence ? or a referrence to the greek play, or both since the APC song is about the play?

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    Both ;D

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    Hey, great idea. It makes a lot of fun starting with only one city. Remembers to Civ III

    One thing: Gaul seems to have no chance cause there are too much rebels nearby.

    Thanks a lot for this mod. It makes the time shorter waiting for RTR 6.0

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    your mod works also fine with RTR 5.4.1, no probs since now.

    but now lets play

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    Apart from the two males who are generals there are also the same number of young family members right? Otherwise it would take ages to have enough governors..
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    Welcome to the .org Orestes


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