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Thread: End of Turn Button Bugged!

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    Exclamation End of Turn Button Bugged!

    Disclaimer: please take this as tongue and cheek.

    Something Bhruic said in another topic here made me chuckle. It'll get closed at the .com so simply put:

    If the reloading from a saved game phenomenon is a feature, then the "End of Turn" button must be bugged!

    We've now had the official response that the reloading from a save game is producing "normal" AI activity and it's simply the AI reassessing its many options available. Therefore, as a result, the following must be also be considered planned features:

    -One can immediately get any faction to become a protectorate on the first turn upon reload.

    -One can completely stop the AI from expanding and cities changing hands upon saving and reloading each turn.

    Despite not seeing these in the manual, if neither of them are possible when using the End of Turn button, it must be considered abnormal behaviour or for a better word unintentional??

    Does that make it a bug, or, are we blessed with two "features" and two completely different ways to play the game?
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    Default Re: End of Turn Button Bugged!

    With this feature, you can change the difficulty in the middle of the game! One quick save, and boom the game is on easy mode. That just leaves one problem, with which difficulty do I start a game? Geez, I almost forgot, the difficulty levels are now a feature too.
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