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Thread: MP host can set unit size in preferences.txt

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    Default MP host can set unit size in preferences.txt

    The topic header pretty much sums it up... the host can set the base size of all units in his games in the preferences.txt -file, located in the root directory of RTW. The field is:

    UNIT_SIZE:40 (if you have set normal units in your graphics settings)

    Just change the number to 60 to get a size that's equivalent to the Medieval size. Do NOT change the size in video settings or when hosting a MP game, or you will lose the custom size set in preferences.txt.

    the MP games you host will display the size you used previously, but it's only cosmetic. It may be advisable to set all sizes to "normal" before editing the preferences.txt, just to avoid confusion.

    One more good thing about this is that ONLY the host needs to set the unit size for this to work - the joining players will automatically be assigned the unit size set by the host.

    So, with this trick it's possible to play 4vs4 games with 50% larger units than before. This should make cavalry a bit less overpowering than before. Maxed-out 4vs4 games will have about 8k-10k soldiers, which is a good upper limit that's playable on mid-range or better computers.
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    Default Re: MP host can set unit size in preferences.txt

    thx, looks good.
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    Default Re: MP host can set unit size in preferences.txt

    An addition to Crandaeolon post.

    I'd like to thanks a couple of people for that simple idea; [FF]Annie for the idea (changing unit size without modding units), and all the modders who were kind enough to answer in that topic:

    I wish people will host games with more men than in normal while avoiding large size bmupyness.

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    Default Re: MP host can set unit size in preferences.txt

    Yes, thanks for Annie and the modders. I'm just a messenger and can't take any credit for this - the real credit goes to CA for including this option, whether it was intentional or not.


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