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Thread: Yeah, yeah, another question from your dumb base.

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    Default Yeah, yeah, another question from your dumb base.

    Seriously, we must annoy the living snot out of you guys.

    Anyway, in another thread (a multiplayer one in fact) someone complained about the general inaccuracies of vanilla RTW, particularly the disgusting Egyptians.

    The poster claimed that:
    * chariots should be very weak and unmanouverable in steep terrain
    * cavalry should be a little weaker in steep terrain

    Is that even possible? That is, to make chariots weaker in steep terrain (I know you can't make them "unmanouverable" but might you be able to handicap them in other ways)? Or to make cavalry weaker in steep terrain? Or has this already been implemented?

    Or is it even historical?

    Just curious.

    I'm planning to use your mod like an ad-hoc history class, by the way.

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    Default Re: Yeah, yeah, another question from your dumb base.

    Well, the Britons were noted by Caesar as able to operate chariots just as well on steep terrain as on flat terrain; only the Britons and Gauls, and I believe the Seleucids, will have any chariots at all. I only know about the Celtic chariots, and in general, I don't believe, given what we understand of their chariot skills, they would have trouble on steep terrain (after all, they were generally in hilly countries, so when they learned to drive chariots, they would've been trained on hills and such).
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    Default Re: Yeah, yeah, another question from your dumb base.

    Chariots are pretty unmaneuverable as whole, but Eastern chariots tended to have a lighter build than the Celtic ones, and so were more vulnerable to rough terrain. Historically during this period, I believe, only Celts, Pontus and Seleukids used them. In-game however, Seleucids won´t due to their relative inefectiveness.

    Concerning what is possible or not, both chariots and cavalry have already handicap in rough terrain and in forests (even their models give them a disadvantage in maneuverability), and we can adjust speeds over different types of terrain. I´m not in charge of these, so I´ll let another complete the answer.

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