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Thread: Expansion for RTW or Spartan thingamy?

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    Default Expansion for RTW or Spartan thingamy?

    Hey all,

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I couldn't find the info anywhere. Does anyone know if CA is still planning to do a RTW expansion now that they are working on this Spartan thing for Sega? My understanding is that they are a smallish team so I don't see how they would have the time. I'd love to see an expansion of Rome, and of course more TW games in the future. I know there are other places and threades in the forums discussing the console thing and future TW games, but does anyone know anything specifically about a RTW expansion??

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    Default Re: Expansion for RTW or Spartan thingamy?

    There are no official statement yet about an expansion but in interviews before the game came out they said there would be an expansion for RTW.

    The console game coming out later this year wont really take any time off from their Total War series. CA is just expanding their business.



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