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Thread: Hello Fellas - remember me?

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    Hello everybody!

    Well I'm Caamos, my former name was (and sometimes is) MikeSan. Maybe somebody knows me becuase I was a very active Shogun player (played for Tenki-Shingi and the ELITEs). I have been away for a quite long time becuase of school my girlfriend and and and...

    After 3-4 or even more months when I came back to Shogun it shocked me to see that as good as nothing had changed - Totomi, Seib and Ironing-Border are still one of the most played maps. Everybody uses the same tectics. It made me sad.

    So I decided not to play Shogun - it's boring and it became unhonourable for me to compare my skills with always the same tactics and maps. But of course there is Medieval. Medieval - aaaaah that's a great game, a worthy Shogun Sequel.

    Well, I decided to play Medieval as active as I did in Shogun. Just with another name - Caamos.
    So let's come to the main reason why I posted here. I'm looking for a clan for Medieval. So if any leader (like Madoka, Maggy,...) reads my words, please answer in this post or mail me.

    It would be great if I could join a clan which leader still remembers me and hopefully remembers my work for Shogun and my skill at the sword. I want to create a powerful clan and I can promise that I'll be a worthy member.

    I speak German and English. So if any German or English Clan shows interests: Please mail me or post here.

    Thank you for listening.

    ::: A man can't run away from the death or even hide from it. The only thing a man can do is to wait for the death and smile at him. ::::

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    ::: A man can't run away from the death or even hide from it. The only thing a man can do is to wait for the death and smile at him. ::::

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    try the new 1.03 stats for MI/ will see a more tactical game and less use of guns..more fun for the experienced for clan.....well talk to a Rage never know we may like you!

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    Thats exactly what I though mikesan, when I went on. I got called old fashioned for playing with 3 guns and no ashigaru. It seems rows of guns and spears are the thing still.


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