Hi. The Purpose of this Fix Mod is to fix some 1.2 issues and enhance gameplay.
Currently there are 3 versions available, depending on how big changes you like

BIG FIX MOD: http://www.twcenter.net/downloads/db/index.php?mod=414
(includes fixes, balance changes, all factions playable, Cherry vanilla Pack, unlocked & additional units, 'Make RTW Harder' application)

MEDIUM FIX MOD: http://www.twcenter.net/downloads/db...ds/db/?mod=398
(Includes fixes, all factions playable, Cherry vanilla Pack, 'Make RTW Harder' application)

FIX PACK: http://www.twcenter.net/downloads/db...ds/db/?mod=379
(fixes only)

Please notice that Big and Medium may or may not work with previous save games but very strange things will happen if you load a pre-1.2.3 save game, please start a new campaign.

Below is a readme specifying in which version they belong:

Welcome to the 1.2.3 Fix Mod for Rome Total War.

Unpack the files itno to your desired Rome - Total War Directory. (plese DO NOT create a sub folder for this)
Then run the file Install 1.2.3.bat, it will install all the new files first making a back up of your old ones. You can run this file again if you want to reinstall this package.
If you want to revert to the state before the instalation run file Uninstall 1.2.3.bat
You don't have to do anything about copying files in Make RTW harder directory, it's automated, you still have to configure it after the first run.
Run the game via YourRTWdirectory\Make RTW Harder\Make RTW Harder.exe (BIG & MEDIUM ONLY)


(ALL) 1. Added installer that will back up all your files and allow quick'n'painless uninstalation of the mod

Bug fixes:
(ALL) 1. Seleucids can no longer recruit Armoured Elephants in provinces with no elephants resource.
(ALL) 2. Armenian provinces have now all the mercenaries they should have.
(ALL) 3. Praetorian infrantry can no longer be recruited before the reforms (except for Roman Senate).
(ALL) 4. The game uses correct skin for Spanish Generals (no more blue ones!).
(ALL) 5. Thrace: Phalanx Pikemen no longer disappear from building list after reaching last two levels of barracks.
(ALL) 6. Spain can now build Onagers & Long Shield Cavalry in Campaign, like in custom battles
(ALL) 7. Pontus' and Scythian Generals get upgraded after the reforms.
(ALL) 8. Horse Archers will now behave correctly during skirmishing.
(ALL) 9. Raised slightly(really!) stats and custom battle cost for Thracian late general, before was identical to early.
Change based on other similiar factions.
(ALL) 10.Sarmatian Mercenaries, Illyrian Mercenaries & Armenian Heavy Spearmen use correct modifiers when fighting mounted units.
(ALL) 11.Shrine of farming does not allow Gauls to build Naked Fanatics any more
(it's not their building and all other of its level miss this entry)
(BIG & MEDIUM ONLY) 12.All the Character Traits Fixes in CVP 1.2.1 (read CVP Readme.txt for details)
(BIG & MEDIUM ONLY) 13.Using 'Make RTW harder' application allows you to compensate for difficulty setting bug.

Balance Changes:
(BIG ONLY) 1. Naked Fanatics and Woad Warriors: morale +1, defence skill +1. - This is to make purchasing them worthwhile,
before they were much worse than Swordsmen and took twice as time to build.
(BIG ONLY) 2. Praetorians - Morale +1.
(BIG ONLY) 3. Romans have fort building cost lowered by 50, all other factions have it raised by 50
- This is to show the uniques of Roman tactics of building forts.
(BIG & MEDIUM ONLY) 4. Tweak Campaign AI to purchase better suited units for a given faction (CHANGES ONLY FOR: germans, scythia, spain)
(BIG ONLY) 5. Spanish Mercenaries made a bit tougher - This is to allow Carthage to relay more on mercenaries as they should.
(BIG ONLY) 6. Roman Generals (epecially early ones) made less overpowering to reflect lack of heavy cavalry in Roman Army.
(BIG ONLY) 7. Iberian infrantry & scutarii (for both Carthage and Spain) get +1 experience at royal barracks.
(BIG ONLY) 8. All cavalry units have attack value of primary weapon raised to the one of secondary weapon. Charge unchanged.
In theory after the charge is over unit should switch to secondary weapon (e.g. sword),
this happens only when you hold down ALT during attacking, which AI never does.
This change is a workaround to this problem.

(BIG & MEDIUM ONLY) 1. Incorporated All Factions Mod and made it 1.2 compatible
(BIG & MEDIUM ONLY) 2. Incorporated CVP 1.2.1
(BIG & MEDIUM ONLY) 3. Incorporated 'Make RTW harder' application.

Additional units:
(BIG ONLY) 1. Spain - Sacred Band Cavalry and Barbarian Archers
(BIG ONLY) 2. Numidia - Sacred Band Cavalry.
(BIG ONLY) 2. Carthage - Scutarii and Carthaginian Archers.
(BIG ONLY) 3. Brtions - Barbarian Cavalry and Barbarian Archers
(BIG ONLY) 4. Egypt - War Elephants (added resource elephants at 199-48)

Tougher Senate:
(BIG ONLY) 1. Senate can buil all Roman Temples (previously they could build none)
(BIG ONLY) 2. Senate can recruit Brutii and Scipii gladiators in addition to Julii ones.
(BIG ONLY) 3. Senate can recruit Arcani now.
(BIG ONLY) 4. All Hastaii, Princeps and Triarii that Senate was starting with are changed into Praetorians.
Senate does not upgrade its armies after the reforms, since most players fight with Senate late in the game I deceided that this solution is more realistic.
(BIG ONLY) 5. Seante cannot recruit Hastatii & Princeps, instead Senate can recruit Praetorians from the beginning of the game
(reasons as in 4)
(BIG ONLY) 6. Seante starts with 6500 denari

Known Issues:
(ALL) 1.Horse Archers and similliar units will use javelin corsor instead of bow, it does not affect game play, they still fire arrows.
(BIG & MEDIUM ONLY) 2.If 'Make RTW harder' crashes in Windows XP SP2 upon choosing 'Carthage' go into your RTW directory folder Make RTW Harder, right-click on file make.exe choose properties, compatibility tab and tick 'Run in Windows 95 compatibility mode' box.
(BIG & MEDIUM ONLY) 3.When using 'Make RTW harder' and playing Roman factions the units you get as a reward from the senate
will get AI only bonuses but will be unretrainable should they suffer losses, so it should even itself out.

'Make RTW harder' application made by LorDBulA
All Factions - maps - ngr/descriptions - jpinard
Cherry Vanilla Pack - .Spartan, Zrave, DrJambo
Additional unit cards - Yakaspat
Testing, suggestions & general help - Yakaspat, Syzer, Player1, Horsearcher, Smack, Sunsmountain, Maximo and everyone I've forgotten

Just in case You can conntact me at nikolaj@poczta.onet.pl