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Thread: PIRATES! The RTW Mod

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    Default PIRATES! The RTW Mod

    How about a mod that focuses on the 16th to the 18th Century Caribbean? Instead of HUGE armies facing off against each other, there would be like 15-30 man groups of Buccaneers that would face off against each other (hireable as mercenaries) small cadres of British, Dutch, French, or Spanish troops could also be included as well as the various natives (like the Aztecs.) and whichever faction gains supremacy of the Caribbean obviously wins the game. I think this could be a REALLY fun mod, but due to my almost complete lack of modding skills, I wanted to throw this one out as a possible suggestion. Would anyone be willing to take this on?

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    Default Re: PIRATES! The RTW Mod

    There's a game in the works that will be a ship game. I can link you if you want.
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    This sounds interesting... The campaign map could resemble the cutthroats map. Possible faction list:
    -Native Caribs(?)


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