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Thread: Bonus when attacking from hiding

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    Default Bonus when attacking from hiding

    Has anyone found out how long do the special bonuses/penalties last when attacking from ambush? In other words, when I attack with a hidden unit how much time I have to make contact with the enemy to get the special ambush modifiers?

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    Interesting question, sir! Someone must answer the man with precise and accurate information.
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    I can't answer the question directly, but I've noticed that if you hover your mouse over the unit as it charges from hiding it will continue to say "concealed" for several seconds - I've assumed that is how long my bonus is lasting. I also notice that the enemy units take those same several seconds before they start to respond to the new threat. It's long enough that concealed cav units off to one side of the main line can get the bonus - but you can't push it too far.

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