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    a while ago, about a few months. i uploaded a mod that i had made to forums. unfortunatly the mod that i uploaded was the wrong one, it had a very simular filename. you may ask why the big deal eh? well here is the problem i accidently uploaded a batch file that i had designed for my own personal use because i was tired of deleting a list of files "desc_unit and desc_buildings.txt" because i had messed those files up so much on my computer wile doing my mods.

    Here is the crazy part.

    after i uploaded the file, there was a emergancy that i had to leave the house.
    durring that timeframe a few hours many people downloaded it and messed their files up (VERY SORRY) to those people.

    the modderators fliped out at that site and IP banned my account. i tried to go back there and warn them about the mistake but it was too late

    anyways i have not one but TWO total conversion mods to give to you all, one is the Ireland total war wich features Irish faction a map of brittain and 60+ new units
    the other is Xian total war which is a fully playable campain with china mongol and japanese factions, 72 new units, banners symbols music and other goodies

    here is the proposition part

    i will only release these total conversion mods when i am allowed back on to TWcenter forums
    i would ask them my self but i cannot due to the bann and they do not respond to their emails
    so i ask you guys if you are interested in downloading the mods to copy and paste this onto the twcenter forums

    the reason i want back into the forums is there is a lot of great mods and tutorials there it would help me and my mod team develop more stuff

    twcenter here is my IP adress
    i think my username was barbarianwarrior was a long time ago lol

    and again i am very sorry for the bad batch file if i would have known sooner that i released the wrong file i would have warnned everyone and could have sved much headache but mistakes happen, sorry

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    This probably sounds silly, but are you making it up man?
    You know what i say, send us some screenies of your 'so called Wonder mods' and then perhaps the community here will help you out, otherwise its no more then what you deserve, sorry, but i remember the pain you caused, right im off back to the Centre, lol
    PS man, blackmailing yourself back in, set your prorities straite man

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    sorry for the misunderstanding
    i am not trying to "blackmail" anyone
    there is no need for hostility

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    So what about some screenshots of 'Ireland Total war' and 'Xian' total war then, yeah, you are forgiven, untill then though, im sorry mate but theres no chance untill you post something decent, i mean like, right, 'please let me back in and if you do i shall give you these wonderful mods' (unviels the mods and everyone is in stun awe)
    'Yeah sure mate welcome back'
    And if these mods do exsist (60+ units nice) then please prove it and you know how do to that im sure, otherwise good luck,
    Oh yeah, and whats wrong with the tutorials here?

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    Firstly, I would say that KingJo5 does not speak for the community any more than myself or any other member here.

    Secondly, barbarianwarrior I would suggest you PM one of the Org moderators (who presumably have contacts amongst their counterparts on twc) and handle it privately rather than airing it in public.
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    Default Re: A Proposition regarding

    How many people were on this mod team? Thats over 132 new units which is more than most of the biggest mod teams have done. Also why can't you just ask one of your mod team to post something like this on twcenter? Why do you have to host it on TWcenter anyway? Finally I don't believe the moderators at TWcenter would ignore your emails unless they had good reason to.

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    Default Re: A Proposition regarding

    K guys, give him the benefit of the doubt until he posts/fails to post screenshots.

    Secondly barbarianwarrior I recommend you sort this with the moderators at twcenter. We certainly won't be doing any deals with twcenter to get you unbanned, not simply to persuade you to release your mods. This is between you and them.

    On a side note, those sound like impressive mods, if they do exist, please lets see them. If they don't, then don't disappear to cover ur retreat, just put it behind you...


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