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Thread: Trouble in Majestic Ryouko clan

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    *sigh* i was afraid of this. at the moment the Majestic Ryouko are having problems with clan members and their activeness online. lately, pretty much the only two that are active online are myself and MajesticBlaspheme. though i am sure (i hope) that there are rational and acceptional reasons why they are not online. but never the less we are still faced with that problem. the entire reason for having a clan is to have a bunch of friends you like and you enjoy playing with, and at the moment that isnt happening. so in conclusion soul, phoenix, anti, wishazu, kokeno, and blizzard if you are reading this please return to the community and re-unite the Majestic Ryouko. remember without clan members there is no clan.

    p.s. We are at the moment (we as in blas and i) are looking for new clan members so please give us a ring if you are nterested.


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    Just remember it is a period of examinations and that MI is a slowly dying game.



    Not too many new players come to the game hence...

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    Me? Lol ok. I explained to you where I am just now hehe. I'm posting here, there, and just about anywhere lol.

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    what about me timmy? i was on vacation ut im back now
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