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    Can anyone tell me about their experiences with diplomatic reputations within the RTW game (if indeed there are any). For example, if I extort the Macadonians for 3,000 dinari for a cease fire agreement, pocket the money, and then attack his city, are there going to be repercussions?

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    Sometimes during my games there were some rare situations when foreign diplomats didn't accept my proposel answering something like " Your reputations goes before you.".Maybe that was because of such occasion as you described,as for me i tried to avoid such deeds.

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    When I sign a ceasefire, I usually stick by it.. Unless it is to draw an enemy away from a siege on my town so that I can fight them in the open ground (easier than fighting from a defensive siege position)

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    for anything you want to know about RTW diplomacy check this thread :

    it's stickie'd (sp ) in the colosseum for a reason

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