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Thread: Amazon down to 4 stars for Rome!

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    Default Amazon down to 4 stars for Rome!

    Our public awareness campaign regarding Rome's bugs is yielding results -- Amazon's rating is now down to 4 stars. Anyone who is dissatisfied with CA's support should make an effort to write a review. It is already paying off!

    The original thread that started this was closed by the moderators for good cause after a CA staff member posted a message asking why we were doing this (I don't know if this is truly ignorance or b.s.).

    Anyway, lets stay focused and not be drawn into personal attacks with CA staff members. We are not getting a patch, so posting blistering attacks is only going to result in our thread getting locked.
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    Smile Re: Amazon down to 4 stars for Rome!

    Sure I'll post a one star review, I wouldn't have bought rome if I'd know about the evil bugs.

    I still love it though and I'm sure that people at CA love it to.
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    Default Re: Amazon down to 4 stars for Rome!

    Whilst I'm sympathetic to the reasoning behind this, and the fact that some patrons are unhappy with the current version of RTW, I'm not happy with this forum being used for a campaign to artificially lower the games rating on Amazon. Thread closed, as, for now will anymore started with this intention.
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