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    Hi together,

    does someone knows how to turn off the senate? It's a nice idea, but I'm feeling forced in some way I don't want to. I like to play slowly, building up things, take it easy. But every 10 round I habe to decleare a war, take a city, block an enemy port and so on and on and on ... and even ignoring is no possibility because of your roman fellows. That's anoying. The Senate ist a cool idea, but they should be quiet and let me play. I want to change them in a way, that they give no missions at all. It's okay to find this boring, but I want to give this thing a chance. Does someone know how?

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    bouis has written a brief 'how to' for removing the senate here.
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    thanks for the fast answering, but thats not what I had in mind. I want to keep the senate, I only want him to stop his annoying missions. Or is that hardcoded? In some way: Keep the senate as it is or leave it, but nothing else? I don't hope so.


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