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    I have been trying out a couple of cheats in the Early game to speed things up a bit the have been using .badgerbunny. and .worksundays. in order to speed up the teching up stage and also the one that gives you a million florins can't remember the line!

    If you haven't got the necessary buildings in your province to build the more advanced troops you can't build them? I was trying to produce longbowmen but didn't have any of the necessary buildings - I thought the cheat would circumvent that?

    Also it seems the game doesn't like worksundays as it crashes every time I've tried it - anyone else had simlar probs?

    Also if you produce the most advanced types of buildings i.e master bowyer etc that only increases valour - do you have to produce each building in turn as you would over the years. Rather than jump to the most advanced building of its type?

    Advice would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Help with cheats

    Even though I do not believe in using cheat codes, badgerbunny should allow you to build advance units ex. longbowmen and the final stages of buildings. The game does crash a lot because the program is against the use of cheat codes. deadringer is the one that gives you a million florins.
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    Default Re: Help with cheats

    You also may not be able to build the longbowmen until high. {not sure}
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    Default Re: Help with cheats

    Quote Originally Posted by kiwitt
    You also may not be able to build the longbowmen until high. {not sure}
    I believe you are correct. In the campagn, there are some Welsh rebels in early that you can bribe for LB's, but you can't build any unless you are the English and it's 1205 or later.


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