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Thread: Unused bonuses found????

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    Default Unused bonuses found????

    I am not sure if anyone has seen these,or if it has been posted before

    In the export_descr_buildings.txt file you put in capabilities,whether it is recruiting or adding bonuses like population growth or health bonuses,while searching through all the files i found something interesting,if you look in DATA/TEXT/STRAT.TXT,you will find all of the bonuses that are in in the building.txt some other ones,below is a sample from the file,

    {SMT_CAPABILITY_WEAPON_SIMPLE} Upgrades melee weapons:
    {SMT_CAPABILITY_WEAPON_MISSILE} Upgrades missile weapons:
    {SMT_CAPABILITY_WEAPON_BLADED} Upgrades bladed weapons:
    {SMT_CAPABILITY_WEAPON_SIEGE} Upgrades siege weapons:
    {SMT_CAPABILITY_BODYGUARD} Improved generals' bodyguards
    {SMT_CAPABILITY_RECRUITS_MORALE_BONUS} Morale bonus to troops trained here:
    {SMT_CAPABILITY_RECRUITS_EXPERIENCE_BONUS} Experience bonus to troops trained here:
    {SMT_CAPABILITY_HAPPINESS_BONUS} Public order bonus due to happiness:
    {SMT_CAPABILITY_LAW_BONUS} Public order bonus due to law:

    I tried to get these bonuses to work,but,i couldn't figure it out,i tried "CONSTRUCTION_TIME_BONUS_ RELIGIOUS",and put a "5" behind as the bonus,and didn't notice anything...the neat thing was...i didn't get any error messages or CTD' RTW recognizes the bonus,but, it doesn't do anything....maybe some of the other modders out there might have better luck.

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    Default Re: Unused bonuses found????

    They're a good find. I'd never seen these before, but I did a bit of digging and I spotted this thread from a few months ago where JeromeGrasdyke said that they should be implementable. This is definitely useful information.

    Quote Originally Posted by JeromeGrasdyke
    remove the SMT_CAPABILITY_ from the front of the text tags, convert to lower case, and the engine should recognise all of them as valid building capabilities.
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    Default Re: Unused bonuses found????

    There's another one that lets you change taxable income that I don't think is used in the game.

    Unfortuantely, like the others, it doesn't let you use negative bonuses. Damn shame.

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    Default Re: Unused bonuses found????

    The building ones work!

    The usage is simple: construction_time_bonus_defensive bonus 25 for example.

    That reduces the building times for walls. Do similar things for building costs.


    You can have negative bonuses for the other things, although they only cancel out positive bonuses, but won't reduce the thing even if the negative factor is more than the positive.
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    Default Re: Unused bonuses found????

    That's awesome that you got it to work Professorspatula,i guessed the bonus would be based as 1 to 10......1= 10%,2= 20%...and not the actual percentage....25= 25%,50= 50%,how silly of me....

    thanks for figuring it out....


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