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Thread: How to invade the vikings?

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    Default How to invade the vikings?

    I played the viking invasion campaign, but my curragh and longboat cannot cross to viking's waters. Can anyone help me?

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    Default Re: How to invade the vikings?

    As far as Im Aware the only way is to bribe them. The Scandinavian provences do not count towards victory in VI so it in not essential to Capture them.
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    Default Re: How to invade the vikings?

    Yes, the Viking ships are the only ones capable of braving the deep sea. If you think about it in historical terms, the Vikings were raiding and invading Britain and Ireland, but there weren't any Celtic or Anglo-Saxon counterattacks on Scandinavia. The only fighting there was internal. So yes, the only way to get them is to bribe Viking forces in Jutland or Hordaland (usually difficult since so many of their generals are royals) and set up new forces in one of the two to invade the other.

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    Default Re: How to invade the vikings?

    It is cheaper to foment a christian rebellion in one of their provinces and bribe the rebels. You can move spies, bishops, assassins and diplomats over there, wait until the rebellion and buy the rebels, then make up your favorite army and crush the poor vikings (I like the crossbow/mounted crossbow army of the Picts, or the Welsh Longbow Army).

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    Default Re: How to invade the vikings?

    once you've conquerred 50% of BRitain or something, just build up some elite brothels and churn out loads of spies and emissaries. It doesn't matter if 9/10 of them die once they pass the viking border forts, once they are there they will trigger a civil war and you should eventually be able to bribe them.

    This is boring however.


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