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    Default Best Ambush Sites

    As Armenia, I found a nice one from Sinope to Kotais (sp?) along the coastal road, there is a nice patch of woods. I had my first sucessfully planned ambush there.

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    I haven't had much success with ambushes, although I managed to ambush a couple of enemies in the West European forests. There's lots of winding roads and paths running through the thick forests. I place my main ambush party in the trees next to the road and hidden, and the bait - some peasants and low cost troops further down the road in the open. The nearby AI armies spot the decoys and head down the road towards them, only for the trap to be sprung. I managed to do it twice in a row. Sadly, my ambushers where still bumbling idiots and the AI had chance to react. Still, a nice trick to play.
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    Default Sv: Best Ambush Sites

    I had my first succesfull ambush i Belgica.

    In germania there`s plenty of ambush sites, i think some of the best ones lies there too.
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    The on that you said Harun is a very good ambush area. Also germanias forests work very well to. A carfully planed ambush there can ruin whole roman stacks wilst you have only sacrafised 200 men

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