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Thread: modding and the siege problem

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    Default modding and the siege problem

    I am not about to talk about the AI's lack of a siege ability and complain about it, or CA. I am only a casual player who still can count on the lack of a follow thru to city surrender. I in fact, count on it to some extent to keep me competitive in the game.
    Having said that, I have read the various posts on perceived problems in the game and don't see them as blatant to me,as this one. If this were fixed, it would really change the game for me. The rest are really more cosmetic.

    Okay... now, I see many talented people out there that are really into the programming aspect. I stopped programming about the time of the 80 column card and reader system. I would think that one of you guys could find the trigger that induces the game to quit the siege. Or is this hard coded in some way? I suppose its not so simple as changing a check switch value from zero to one...


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    Default Re: modding and the siege problem

    Errr... there's no easily modded "trigger" as we would understand it. The current consensus is that the load/save issue is all tied up in the AI's decision-making routines which are most definitely out of bounds for modders.

    We've also been unable to find the siege engines (rams, towers etc.) that we could have otherwise have modded to a zero build time.

    But there are still ideas floating around and you never know, we might get lucky. As soon as I can get Myrddraal's hot-seat mod to work I'll test one of mine.
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    Default Re: modding and the siege problem

    This is all hardcoded into the game EXE, which we effectively can't access.

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