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    Is there a way to play Egypt in a single player campaign??

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    Compleat a short campaign as any Roman faction or if you wish do a longer one. i just did a short one first though. Or altenitivly you can unlock a faction by eliminating it. But with Egypt that is not going to happen so i would just do a short campaign. Also welcome to the org !

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    Yep, well explained tibilicus!
    Welcome CMDR Coconut.

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    Hey thank you!

    I started a short one last night and am doing pretty good so far.

    Still getting used to the gameplay and building stuff.

    Thanks for the greetings too! Nice to meet you

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    What Roman faction did you pick? Maybe I can help you out with that?

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    I picked Julii and have taken 3 Goth towns so far. I love the battles, VERY animated and smooth.

    I fought a battle this morning with 560 v almost 1000. Let him breach my walls in 2 places, balled him up at the gate, destroyed the swordsmen with archers at the second breach then secured it with pikemen, then followed through to the outside and behind his main body with my horses .... then hit him hard from the rear.

    What was left of him? approx 26 and I think they are STILL running. LOL

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    Julii - good choice. I've yet to have a successful campaign when playing as the Julii. If I ever get bored of RTW I'm going to do the Roman factions.. again.

    It sounds as if you are doing well... Good Luck and when you get there, have fun with Egypt!

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    How does this game play online? Same as single player but factions are player factions or is it battles only?

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    Battles only.
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