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    we should be able to name the kids the moment they are born, at least the sons, sick and tired of these random kids names.

    Another thing i find is that, while it is relatively easier to get good generals. I once trained a guy who is completely worthless, fought a few battles, and he made it to 7 star level. But it is far more challenging to get good governors. I tried things like libraries, academies, etc. But those wise retinues he got, only served to make up for all the vices that decrease management, i think he is still net negative, and he already has 8 retinues, among them librarian, mathematician, philosopher, who all give management. My point is, i guess, you can control armies, and the battlefield, essentially, you can control the development of your generals. But governors are pretty much a crap shoot, you send a guy to one of the best and most developed cities, with so much infrastructure, and he keeps getting vices and vices, what the heck! I think so far I have only seen 4 good governors in my experience with 3 roman factions, on vh vh. They are, the guy scipii start with, I think Cornelius Scipio, Flavius Julius (the guy Julii start with), one son of Flavius Julius ( he started out in the city as governor of Arrentium. He eventially had 10 management stars, or maybe even more) and finally Vibius Brutus (start with 6 in management) I have never seen any better governors, and they really don't even come close. In my opinion, unless you start with a good guy, he is not going to be trained to be a good governor.

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    try the greeks and some of the traits are bond to the sircumstance in the city (sp?) so when taxes are on very high you're likely to get extravangt. when taxes are low you could get cheapskate

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