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Thread: Temple progression

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    Default Temple progression

    Rather than having a single line of temples and then a pantheon, I was thinking it might be more realistic to change a pantheon to a really big temple of whoever, and have smaller temples. So say you could start another temple line, but it can only be two levels smaller than your first temple line.

    So the progression would go

    Line 1_______________Line 2__________Line 3
    Large Temple_________Shrine_________None
    Awesome Temple______Temple________None
    Pantheon Replacement__Large Temple___Shrine

    Some of the factions with lower numbers of temples would probably need to have some more added for balance purposes.

    It just seemed ridiculous to me that in a city there would only be one temple of one god operating. Do others think that this is a more reasonable idea?
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    Default Re: Temple progression

    There is a multiple temple mod out there...

    It's been made mainly for RTR.

    Though the "Pantheon" is something I am confused. If it is like the Acropolis of Athens, which is a collection of several structures, then it is indeed a Pantheon. But somehow, in the game, it was just one big temple being built "for all the gods" which is wrong. (Besides, Roman's Pantheon sucks, the Greeks' look much better - albeit weird. It's like they're building a skyscraper rather than a "Pantheon."


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