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    Default Post subscriptions,


    Just wondering about this post subscription Buinsess.
    Im always forgeting to turn it off when i post a message,

    Then im horrified to find 400 new email messages in my in box all from
    the Guild.

    about 1ce a week i delete all of the mails sent from here Becous of it and I may be missing Importaint emails.

    Also about 1ce a week i go and delete all my subscriptions from My user CP.

    I was just wondering Wouldnt it be better if subscription to a topic, was Set to OFF as default,
    And that you should say "Email notification" Only when you want to be infformed,

    "this time i remembered to select DO not subscribe"
    but next time il probably forget,


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    Default Re: Post subscriptions,

    i know i'm set up for "do not subscribe" by default. in user control panel, under "edit options" there's a choice to set the defalut thread subscription mode. do you have cookies enabled? that may kill the functionality of user options. i'm using firefox.
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    Default Re: Post subscriptions,

    Goto this page:

    Look for Default Thread Subscription Mode and set to "Do not subscribe" or "No Email Notification". You can also can change all your current subscriptions to "No Email Notification" very quickly.

    Click this link:

    Then select the box at the top, next to Notification. That should check up to 100 of your most recent threads. Go to the bottom of the page, where is is a drop down selector next to "Selected Threads:". Under the Update subscription heading, choose "No Email Notification".
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    Default Re: Post subscriptions,

    LOl way to make my post Useless:)

    but thnx Undoubtedly this will make my inbox less crowded

    Again Thnx



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