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Thread: My email. To Trading Standards

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    Default My email. To Trading Standards


    I beleve that this is the Offices of Traiding standards in my area,

    I hope that this email is sent to the correct place,

    Recently Having purchased Rome total war, (a pc game)
    I was suprized to find that the game was Full of bugs
    (some of which render the game unplayable)

    Now they are basicaly saying In order to fix these Bugs, Im going to haft to BUY a expantion pack,

    I wish to know Is this actualy leagal or should they Be compelled to Fix the problem as i have already Payed good money for this game,

    And futher more,
    What is preventing them from Leaving Bugs in the game Intentionaly, So that end users will be forced to buy there Newest expantion Just to fix the flawed game.

    I would apretiate Any feed back on the matter.

    thank you.

    Garry Roberts.


    I will also post the reply I receve here,
    so any 1 who cares about what they say, can find out.

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    Default Re: My email. To Trading Standards

    they will probably say hmmmm, use your time more creatively
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    Default Re: My email. To Trading Standards

    I suspect that English is not your first language, so your spelling mistakes are understandable. However, I also suspect that when they receive an email with so many errors, they are unlikely to take it very seriously. You might want to consult an English"whatever your native language is" dictionary so that you can create a more "professional" email in the future.


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    Default Re: My email. To Trading Standards

    If you want to join the protest campaign that has been launched against CA, you can always check this:

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    Default Re: My email. To Trading Standards

    I have to say I think this CA bashing is getting ridiculous.

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    Default Re: My email. To Trading Standards

    This thread neither illuminates, not solves a problem. It rather stirs the pot of general dissatisfaction.

    Therefore, it is closed. Thanks to all contributors.
    Be well. Do good. Keep in touch.


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