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Thread: oh glory, my people actually like me

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    Talking oh glory, my people actually like me

    this actually happened a few months ago but i'm writing it now. if its happened to you tell me but it find its not that frequent.
    have you ever been under seige and have your city rebel to the enemies side? happens to me in egypt all the time, well early in a scipii campaign carthage captures one of my cities in spain by rebellion. i march an army over and lay seige, i notice theres civil unrest but don't make much of it. next turn my army enters the city, no fight and i got 2 units of gladiators and 3 peasants out of it, i think thats awsome. they wanted me back YAY.

    if this happens for you please post
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    Default Re: oh glory, my people actually like me

    nope never happened

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    Might have happened to me once but I haven't noticed anything

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    Only ever once in all of my campaigns.

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    When my cities are sieged they are almost always on my perimeter and new, thus they don't like me. What can I say I am not nice to conquered folks. Usually they are in unrest but they have never rebelled during a siege. Maybe I should try to get them to...
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    yeah, it did happen to me in a Seleucid campaign, when struggling against the brutii for control of Bizantium... Not exactly a great army, but phalanx pikemen are just fine for me...

    But it is strange to witness this, even from medieval times, it was not very common to get a loyalist rebellion that went in YOUR favor
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    Default Re: oh glory, my people actually like me

    This happened to me three times playing as the Seleucids.

    The brutii captured my settlement at Halicarnassus three times, and all three times the settlement revolted and came under my controll again.

    Once playing as the julii, Pergamum revolted and went back to their former masters, the greek cities.

    I will call this common, since I often see the AI romans stuggle with revolts that turn their newly conquered settlements back under the stewardship of the former owners.
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