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Thread: RTW Keyboard Commands in PDF

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    Default RTW Keyboard Commands in PDF

    Hello all. I've created an easy to use PDF file for all the keyboard commands in RTW. You can leave the file open while playing the game, and Alt/Tab to it for quick reference, or better yet, just print it out! Whatever best suits your needs.

    To download, right click on the link below, and save the file to your computer...

    A deep bow of gratitude to Ky Kiske for his killer wallpapers, one of which I used to decorate this reference file.

    If you have any problems with the file, or find any errors, please let me know in this thread, and I'll try to fix it right up.

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    Default Re: RTW Keyboard Commands in PDF

    Excellent, now I can disband groups of units at the touch of a button. Downsizing is so much fun
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    Default Re: RTW Keyboard Commands in PDF

    Looks good, thank Raijer !!

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    Default Re: RTW Keyboard Commands in PDF

    Looks neat. I am always using as many shortcuts as possible, no matter which program I'm working in. So now I can start practising the RTW shortcuts

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    Default Re: RTW Keyboard Commands in PDF

    Aren't all the shortcuts on the back of the manual, or inside it? I see you have some I didn't already know though so well done!


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