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    I had the enjoyment of playing against my old friends. Gazoz and Fogolin today in a 2v2. Justy was my partner and we were attacking. Since, Justy had bought arty I decided to for once, set back and let the enemy come to us. Fog and Gazoz moved up and we had a great battle. First Justy started dropping arty from the sky and Fogolin and Gazoz began pelting his front line with arrows. I moved my ElmoHead army up to Justy's flank and after a brief volley or two from my arbalestors I charged in the fray. I believe it was Gaz that I was facing but not sure. He brought 4 units of horsemen to my right flank and I shifted my militia sergeant units (with their bonus vs cav and armor) and was able to hold the flank and protect my arbalestors and my murabitins. Meanwhile my main fighting force took on several units of spearmen on hold and the battle was very even until my murabitins were able to start focusing on one unit that was about to rout. Finally, that unit routed and took most of Fog's or Gaz's army with it. But my troops are slow and not able to chase down the enemy, so I kept them together and slowly gave chase. Justy on the left flank, was losing to Fog or Gaz but was regrouping and coming to me after many small skirmishes and finally running down all the cav units, I turned to face the longbowmen, spear, army of Gaz/Fog. Luckily I had just got my men in position to cover each other's flanks and was able to rout the remaining army with Justy's unit's providing a nice flank. The game was very close and could have easily gone either way. Great fun. Also, I would like to thank Gazoz and Fogolin of the Elite clan for being such good sports and such fine competition. If any of you ever get the chance to be among the Elite clan, you may consider yourself very fortunate. These guys are a class act and among the best in the game at 2v2 and up. Good luck Elite clan, hope to play you again soon.
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    Gah! Elite! Gah!

    Krast should mention here that both Fogo and Gazoz, and the many other Elites Krast met in Germany, are among the top class of decent people Krast has had the pleasure to encounter.

    They are serious about their game, but not so serious about their egos -- fun people to know, but don't think that makes their armies any les dangerous.

    Gah! Elite! Gah!


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