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    i was looking in the descr_strat and i saw that each faction was given a name. for example armenia had (fortiefied henry) i was wondering what these were. If anyone knows what they mean could they please make a list


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    i believe that these have something to do with the tactics of the AI controlled factions. Unfortunatly from wot i have read changing this does not make much difference to the agreesiveness of the AI. If anyone knows how to make the AI more agressive please let me know i want to have a more interesting campaign. the only cmoputers controlled factions that survive n my capaigns these days are the Romans(until i kill them horribly lol). I dream of the days of medieval when all the muslim factions were set to militaristic expansionisnt and all the christian factions were set to crusader expansionisnt lol it made for a very interesting capaign i can tell u lol.
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    Yes, they are supposed to control the AI aggressiveness, there is at least one list somewhere on the forums, but I couldn't find it right away - try looking in the campaign map tutorial threads, it might be in one of those.
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    Do a Forum search of "AI personality". The first thread has a nice list.
    Just used it myself this evening. And it does go a long way towards explaining the behavior of certain factions.
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