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    Talking export_descr_unit.txt

    okieeeeeeee...little problem with CTD from splash screen. i know i'm doing something wrong here. been tweaking unit "health (hp)" and "ammo" and "moral" and "unit crew"...what's a no-no concerning tweaking this file? i suppose i could do this step by step but i'd rather know ahead of time from the folks who've gone before: what's a definite "no-no" regarding tweaking things in this file?

    much thanks.

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    Any small miskate in not getting the right spaces or adding a komma somewhere can result in CTDs, so it is impossible to tell you what you have done wrong. So I implore you to use show_err. Add 'show_err' to your shortcut (outside and with a space from the "" in the line). That should explain what you have done wrong.
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    The 'show err' will tell you which file the error occurred in, and also tell you which line of the text tripped it up.

    Ideally, though, I would test the changes one by one when I am updating something like this and get a CTD. As has also been noted, TINY errors in the text can mess things up. I once spent a whole afternoon tearing out my hair trying to fix a CTD that turned out to be a 'carriage return' on the end of a text file that shouldn't have been there. Thats when I found 'show-err' !!
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    oh my good god, i didn't know THAT. eeeeeep! hmmm...well, i just reinstalled (yeah yea, n00b modder forgot to backup his export.txt)
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    bugger. it's not letting me have "4 soldiers" in wardogs section (just divided both crew numbers by 3)...can i modify unit numbers?

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    There is a minimum of 6 soldiers per unit. and 2 dogs per handler.

    That makes 12 dogs.

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    oooo, cheers!

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    Remember that you need to give your numbers of units like you are in Normal unit size. So for 160 on Huge, you would type 40, or for 6 on tiny, you would type 12.


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